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Tomb Of The Mask

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Tomb of the Mask is an addictively fun arcade-style mobile game combining elements of infinite runners and tile-matching puzzles. With vibrant graphics and simple touch controls, the game has become a top app store hit.

Gameplay & Objective Tomb Of The Mask

In Tomb of the Mask, players control a masked adventurer racing through a boobytrapped tomb by swiping directionally to avoid obstacles. The objective is to collect treasure, unlock new masks, and get the highest score possible before inevitably crashing.

The catch is that collected treasure sticks to the player’s mask, blocking sight. Players must quickly match 3 treasures by type or color to clear the mask and keep running. This creates frantic, reflex-based gameplay that continually ramps up in intensity.

Game Modes Of Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb of the Mask features competitive gameplay modes:

  • Adventure – Run as far as you can until you crash and perish.
  • Battle – Race against opponents online for the highest score.
  • Challenge – Complete mini-games with special objectives.

Upgrades & Power-Ups

The following power-ups and upgrades can be unlocked:

  • Head starts – Begin each run farther into the treacherous tomb
  • Magnets – Automatically pull treasure toward you
  • Wings – Briefly avoid hazards by flying over them
  • Shields – Protect against mummies, snakes and boulders
  • Coin doublers – Upgrade to collect more precious loot

Quick thinking and using power-ups wisely is key to pushing your limits in Tomb of the Mask!


With accessible touch controls, compelling progression and competitive online leaderboards, Tomb of the Mask encapsulates addictive mobile gameplay. The tile-matching puzzle mechanic fused with infinite runner action creates enjoyable, bite-sized entertainment.

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